The New Star Wars IV sucks

It took me forever to get around to seeing it. I wish I had waited longer. EVERY modification that Greedo Lucas made stands out like an oozy, pussy discolored zit on a baby’s nose. I just got finished watching the Cantina scene and I had to turn it off! The stupid (and terribly terribly obvious) CG creatures in Mos Isley, the stupid (and terribly terribly obvious) CG scenery modifications, removing Greedo’s subtitling, and the reason I had to turn it off… it was changed so that instead of Han shooting Greedo under the table, the two of them fire at the same time above the table and Greedo misses. (that one went to court… the people’s court!) First, the modern CG was worse than the old 1976 animation. Second, Greedo missed? Third, the shots don’t line up; Greedo is shot in the chest but the fire and smoke comes out of the chair (ie, getting shot under the table). Fourth I hate that Lucas made some desperate bid to change the moral character of Han.

I’m reminded of seeing Star Wars I the first night in the theater with Jen and Michael. We were so excited to go! We all walked out of the theater feeling like we had been fleeced.

Eventually, I’ll probably see the rest of the move. If I see Jar Jar in it. I’m going to write a letter to Lucas.

Ahh! What’s up with the animated Jabba?

And the uninspired lines…. “Jabba, you’re a wonderful human being.” No wonder this lay on the editing room floor for 30 years. It could have laid there for another 30 and no one would have cried.

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  1. lee says:

    I hate that the link above to the people’s court has gone dead. I usually make a point of grabbing the image so it won’t go dark like this one. I’ve looked on but can’t find the image :-( It was really funny and apropos. Sorry!

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