When late becomes early

When late becomes early

I went into the city last nigh. Had a very nice time with Tara and Ross. And then I had to get home….. I left at 1:40am or so. Waited at the 34th St PATH stop for 20 minutes, waited at Journal Square for 15 minutes, got to my car exhausted.. Made it 10 miles or so and pulled over to take a 10 minute nap; my eyes were so tired and dry! It felt like someone was rubbing sandpaper in my eyes as long as they were open. It was torture! After my nap, I made it another 10 miles before having to pull over… the sandpaper man was working overtime. Drinking lots of water helped a tiny bit, rubbing my eyes felt like… rubbing sandpaper in my eyes, turning the air conditioner on or off felt like I was changing the grit of the sandpaper. I stopped a couple more times. I got home at 5 fucking 30 in the morning. :-(((( Now here it is, 11am and I feel like I’ve been run over by a steam roller. This sucks. I tried loud music, pinching myself, heat, cold, singing loudly, pure concentration, naps, slapping myself, caffeine doesn’t work…. I don’t know what else to do. And the worst is, when I get out of the car, I feel awake again! I mean, if I had stayed home, I might have gone to bed at 2 or 3. It’s like I’ve got automotive Seasonal Affective Disorder or something. Maybe I should shine lights on my face to wake up.

My time in the city was good. We tried the Kava Kava I had ordered from Hawaii. It was nice… a very similar feeling to when I was at Burning Man. That was good.

(No, it didn’t make me any more sleepy than usual. I’ve had this sleepy-driver syndrome several times now)

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