I can’t recommend CanadaPharmacy.com

It’s not that they are terrible. Just a bit slow and don’t always have good product stocks. Read on…

9-16-04 Ordered a product online (at 70% off local prices). I had found the site from some official-ish Maine health care web site.

9-21-04 Sent email asking what’s up.

9-22-04 Got email response

My name is Aleisha and I would like to thank you for your interest in CanadaPharmacy.com.

We received your prescription on Sept 20th and needed to confirm the date the prescription was written. We got confirmation from your Doctor and the order is now processing.

You will get an email when your order is shipped. It will contain the tracking information.

9-28-04 Sent email saying that I’d cancel my order if it didn’t arrive by October 11th

9-28-04 They leave me a voice message to call them back.

9-29-04 I call back. They say, “We don’t have it in stock and don’t know when it’s coming in. We’ll cancel your order now.”


Now I’m trying www.Canadadrugprices.com. Wish me luck.

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