Some good in the universe:

I got this email from the people.

Here is the link:[trimmed]

Click on the link to complete your request to register your phone number with the last four digits [trimmed] on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Important: You must respond to this email by clicking the link within 72 hours for your registration to be successful.

Once you have registered, your phone number registration will be effective for 5 years. It will be illegal for most telemarketers to call you, and you will be able to file a complaint if a telemarketer does call you. The website provides information about filing a complaint.

Important: After you click on the link, print the web page and keep it for your records.

Troubleshooting: If you don’t get a “Registration Complete” message after clicking on the link, or the link does not work, use your “cut” and “paste” functions to insert the entire link in the email into the “Address” line on your Web browser. Cut and past the entire link – it’s long. Do not re-type it.

Please do not reply to this message as it is from an unattended mailbox. Any replies to this email will not be responded to or forwarded. This service is used for outgoing emails only and cannot respond to inquiries.

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