Reminder of a Great Time – Pub 199

I was chatting with Dave B tonight. He reminded me of the great time the two of us had at Pub 199. Pub 199 has this permanent special… call it a specialty… $10 gets you either a lobster and potato or a steak and potato. So we sat down like the guys we are and ordered. The food was guy-good. Good steak. Good lobster. Good potato. Ugh! Ambiance: stuffed beavers, moose, bear, and a deer with Christmas lights in his antlers. Ugh, good! We sat, we ate, we talked, we enjoyed. After the meal, we sat and talked about the world. And then a funny thing happened. We were hungry again. So we ordered another meal. I just (just, ha!) had a heaping bowl of cheese fries. Dave had the other dinner special! All is well in the world.

After dinner, what did we do? We went to a diner for pie! And Dave only barely kept me… and us… from going in to a teen roller rink. He told me tonight, “We’d probably get put in the same cell.” Ha!

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