Burning through props quickly, Jaybyrds can’t fly

Lately, I’ve been burning up a lot of props. The black plastic press-on spinner has gone loose a couple times. Each time, I have to get out a new Gunther prop-spinner combination. I think what’s happening is that my home-made EPP motor mount and motor strap are trapping extra heat in the motor. This heat goes down the axel and melts the spinner. I think this is the case because I noticed a couple spinners where the black plastic looked like it has been deformed by heat. To fix the problem, I’m changing how the strapping sits on the motor to increase airflow a bit and following a recommendation by Kenvil Hobbies and using clear silicon sealant to glue the spinner on. I also scraped up the axel with tin snips to improve it’s bite and adhesion. The silicon takes 24 hours to dry so I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs while it dries. Maybe I’ll also scrape out some ridges on the motor mount so more air gets to it.

Jaybyrds can’t fly

I took the plane down to my cousin Jason’s house and we flew a little on Tuesday. Before the spinner (held in place with CA) melted off, I let him try the controls. Ha. Jaybyrds are a flightless species! But that’s ok, we had fun.

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