Hitting Stuff

Went flying at Great Meadows today. It was pretty crazy… I was trying to get inverted and… well, the battery was a little far forward, which gives better penetration and stability but decreased vertical turning performance… So I flew out away from me, did an inside 1/2 turn back toward me… and then realized that I couldn’t pull up. I went right into the roof of the little stand that holds the radio pins. It skidded up and off the peak of the roof and flopped down onto the ground. I’m very happy that no one was over there at the time, but it made me very uncomfortable. I keep telling myself that there never really was any danger in the first place; Heck, I’ve hit myself in the head with the plane while trying to catch it and neither the plane or my head were damaged in the slightest.The motor had fallen out of it’s home-made mount, the prop had gone missing, and an elevon had broken AGAIN. After calming down and getting around to laughing at the incident, I glued her back together and gave her a toss! She was aerodynamically sound but the motor didn’t have nearly as much umph as before. I was worried that the motor was internally damaged. I flew out the battery as Jason, his girlfriend, father and another flyer (sorry I forget your name!) left. I stuck another battery in and the plane was totally fine, with plenty of power. Apparently (and strangely) the battery I had been using (#3) was near empty after only 4 minutes and 1 crash of flying time. Weird.

Hey Jason, if you’re reading this…. (and even if you’re not, nya) the plane is -totally- fine! The motor wasn’t damaged as I thought. Wee!

My last flight of the night ROCKED. I’m sad that everyone else missed it! It was full of zooping and zipping, cartwheeling turns, powerful leaps, graceful slooping, connectedness, and a gorgeous sunset! I love to fly!

Oh and one last thing… It was a bit windy today. I flew 1 battery at the Allamuchy field and was having a pretty sucky time. The wind was rolling off the trees and tossing the plane around a bit. I could hold on without too much trouble but it wasn’t very fun. At Great Meadows, the distant trees smoothed out the wind and flying in the 10mph winds was fun. What a difference!

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