Aerial Shots of my Fields

Here’s the Allamuchy ball field that I sometimes fly in.allamuchy-ball-field.jpg

I got a little carried away with Mapquest…. Here is the club field I fly at, RAMAC. The area sure is perty from the sky, ain’t it? And these shots are in winter! The field itself isn’t much to look at. The dots near the bottom of the triangle in the first photo are cars in the parking lot.

ramac-zoomed-in.jpg ramac-zoomed-out.jpg ramac-zoomed-way-out.jpg

Here’s the Pocono field… sorry the images aren’t as good… blame Mapquest!

pocono-field-zoomed-in.jpg pocono-field-zoomed-out.jpg

And for posterity, more shots of the WCCC field.

wccc.jpg wccc-zoomed-out.jpg

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