My Pencil Crashed!

Technology has run amok. I was furiously taking notes at a meeting of the PVPOA (I’m working on getting them email mailing lists) and…. the best way to describe it is that my pencil crashed. It’s a fancy mechanical pencil… a Paper Mate Titanium 0.5mm to be exact. I got it special because the tip retracts so it doesn’t poke through your pocket. The main trouble is that it pushes too much lead out each time you click it. So my point broke and I clicked it again quickly since I was in a hurry and SNAP. I tried again, clicking more carefully but still in a hurry. SNAP. Again, SNAP. ARGH!

I’m happy with my Pentel Twist-Erase 0.5mm QE515 but the point makes it so that I don’t dare put the thing in a pocket for fear of being given a graphite injection! It’s happened before and it sucked.

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