I recently heard, “Islamic democracy is an oxymoron.” That doesn’t sound too far off the mark. How might that effect our presence in Iraq? Comments?

Last night I went out with Adam Segal and his wife Kim. On a whim they came down from Boston for a trip to NYC. I was the first one they thought of calling :-). We slipped into a fondue restaurant/bar around 29th & 3rd… soaked in some music, cheese, and good conversation. Then went down to the Lower East Side to see The Porno Jim Show. Got a slice of real NYC pizza (which was much better than the crappy pizza I had at Sunny’s in Hackettstown last week), chatted some more and called it a night. Friday evening traffic made it take 3 hrs to get into the city, which confounded the start of our evening. Although I despise cell phones, I might have to get one for situations such as that one.

Pay phone service is becoming very sparse… because there’s no money in it for phone companies anymore. I had trouble finding a pay phone at the Holland Tunnel entrance in NJ: I stopped at two gas stations. I found 6 pay phones distributed all over the first station… all of them used a private pay-phone company that wouldn’t accept my phone card. The next station had 3 pay phones with the same issue as the first station. The next station had 2 Verizon phones… only 1 worked, but that was enough. It took my card and I made my call. Then when I got in the city, I was a little lost (turns out, I went to 143 West 30th but I should have gone to 143 EAST 30th…). I looked for a phone and the first 3 payphones I tried didn’t have a dial-tone! The days of pay-phones seem numbered. So, what’s the minimum cell phone service I can get?….

I’ve started my summer school in full. A statistics course and Educational Psychology. Summer school is intense!

Course Title Hours Meets Location Professor Notes
284 A
EDUC PSYCH 3.00 Days: MTR ( 05-27-2003 To 06-26-2003 )

Time: 6:00 PM – 8:40 PM

151 A
STATISTICS 3.00 Days: T R ( 05-27-2003 To 08-07-2003 )
Time: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

That’s 4 hrs, 40 min of class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yup, I’m back in school…

Oh, by the way, I’m now using my sister’s monitor. It’s a 14″ Multiscan 100ES… smaller than my old monitor (which is now sadly partially blocking the entrance to my bedroom) but it’s clear…. Anyone want a sick monitor?

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  1. djingo says:

    this is a time capsule. it’s funny to think I was 3 years old when this was written and here I am now 22. I wonder what I was doing at the time. I miss the years where the 2020’s were decades away and the future seemed so bright.

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