I’m chasing my shadow again with my teaching stuff…

I started the summer session at WCCC yesterday. Educational Psychology and Biology. I figured that Ed Psych would be a good primer for the real thing and … heck, I’ve never had a college level biology class so I should round myself out. The Bio immediately lost my interest… Kingdoms, flagellums and endoplasmic reticulum*... boring! And the teacher seemed “moderate”. So I think I’m going to switch to Statistics… another something that I’ve never taken. Since I just aced College Algebra without too much panic, I know I can do well in it and it feels more relevant than amebas (But then that’s just me. Everyone has to pick their route in life…).

The teacher in the Educational Psych class, Mrs. Black knows her stuff. In one class I got an excellent feel. I’m worried that it’ll be a hard class, especially since it’s 2hrs and 40 minutes, 3 days a week for 5 weeks! Intense! Remember, I -need- an “A” or I won’t qualify to get into nuffum in the fall. She told me that CCM has a brand spanking new Alternate Route teaching program that I might be able to get into. So I scrambled and made some calls today…. and left messages on two answering machines. So here I sit, waiting for a call-back.

* Hey, how come “reticulum” doesn’t spell-check in FrontPage? It’s in -my- everyday vocabulary!

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