Julia might have asthma

At dinner with my sister and parents last night, I told my sister that when Julia exerts herself and becomes winded, I can hear phlegm forming in her throat. I thought that Julia might have asthma.

Last week, I had gone out to the playground with Julia; she went up and down the slide several times and started breathing hard. After a couple more trips up the ladder, I started hearing phlegm in her breath and she started wheezing. I could also see that her breathing was becoming labored. I switched us over to the swings to decrease her breathing and she was fine in another few minutes.

Well, I told Melissa about this and she got really mad at me (as she usually does), saying that the doctor had already checked her out and it wasn’t anything but allergies. I couldn’t talk to her anymore about it because of her ruffled feathers. Of course, we all know (well, everyone except Melissa) that asthma -is- allergies. Also that some of the main symptoms of asthma is the wheezing itself. I hope that Melissa will “figure out” that it’s asthma and start carrying an emergency inhaler for her soon. In the mean time, there isn’t much to be done for Julia… if she starts wheezing, then decrease her activity level. Julia could outgrow the asthma… let’s hope that happens!

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