School stuff

Subbed for a 6th grade teacher at the middle school. Phew, 6th graders are like buzzing bees compared to high school students! And here I come along with a “Sub” necklace around my neck (we have to wear them so other teachers know I’m supposed to be there). It might as well be a big wet sugary lollypop.

Psych final done. Aced. I’m still irked that money was paid for me to take that class.

Math final done. Aced. I’m a little puzzled; It appears that the teacher gave us 27 points of extra credit on the exam, in addition to the final being pretty much the practice test verbatim. I spoke to him and I think it’s part of a bid to get rehired at a good rate for the summer. Unhappy school politics. And just think, I’m clamoring to get into that pot.

I still haven’t picked my classes for the summer term. To know what classes I should take, I should know what major I want for my master’s, which is related to exactly what I want to teach, to my certification, to my new career. Ugh. I’m going to see a school advisor tomorrow.

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