The Most Beautiful Snowstorm

Today we had the most beautiful snowstorm. The flakes were just HUGE. I -have- to find the battery charger for my digital camera!! Well, the flakes were coming down in the shape of wispy tea saucers about an inch across! I imagine they tried forming themselves into giant round clumps but on the way down, they were pushed into this shape, like the heat trail streaking off an Apollo re-entry capsule. With all this going on at eye level, I took a glance up at where they were coming from and.. wow. I could see millions of saucers descending down on me like so many mouse parachutes! The flakes were so large that I could see them coming for two hundred yards above me. Each one was ushered around by the gentle wind to go this way and that as they eased their way down to their safe landing on my back porch. It was something, I’ll tell you that.

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