April Fools: Teaching in Nigeria

I played a pretty good April Fools on my parents. As you know, I’ve been trying to get this education certification thing under my belt. I’m signing up for a master’s program SOMEWHERE to get it squared away. Well, yesterday I mentioned to my mom in passing that I had been looking into international scholarship programs for educators. Of course, that was just to line my folks up for tonight’s mischief! So I got in touch with them and had them both get on the line because I had some news to tell them.

We all talked for a few minutes about this and that. And then I broke it to them. “I’ve been accepted into an international scholarship program! I had been talking to someone at the Board of Ed in Warren County… I even saw the guy today and we’ve got this pretty much squared away! I’m going to be spending 6-12 months in an international student teacher exchange program in Nigeria!” I kept talking it up for a few minutes. All the while, my dad is muttering a forceful, “No. No.” under his breath and I can tell my mom’s head is spinning a bit, she’s trying to get the whole story straight. Finally, I came clean, “And you know what the best part about this whole thing is? April Fools!” :-)

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