Term Paper, Cheese Weasel Day

I presented my big term paper to my psychology class yesterday. From an academic standpoint, I didn’t discuss the subject nearly enough. I didn’t justify and round out my talking points nearly enough. I could have gone on for another 30 pages. But I did the classic college maneuver of getting to the right number of pages and then stopping. So I present to you my 6-7 page report on “Children Watching Television: Using it to Advantage and Reducing it’s Harm”

Don’t let this preamble scare you away from my paper too much… The strategies I outline at the end of the document (in nice, concise, easy to read bullet items) is a pretty good list that every parent should keep next to their television.

At the presentation of my paper, I got things going with a bang by getting everyone excited about the important holiday that falls on April 3rd, Cheese Weasel Day! Of course, I gave out slices of Kraft White Singles (the teacher encouraged us to use hand-outs in our presentation!). Actually, I was introducing most of them to the joys of this holiday since most of them come from backgrounds that don’t normally celebrate the day. . . . . . Ok, most of them thought I was crazy, but it got my presentation off to a light-hearted start, and they all got to eat cheese during my talk.

Here is the Cheese Weasel Day FAQ. No, I didn’t write it. I found it… I don’t recall… somewhere on the net.

Most people probably aren’t aware that today (April 3rd) is Cheese Weasel Day.

Q: What the heck is Cheese Weasel Day?
Every year, on April 3rd, the Cheese Weasel travels the world, spreading good cheer and leaving a bit of cheese under the keyboards of all good little boys and girls in the high-tech industry. Kraft Singles were once the cheese of choice, although as time went by the type of cheese became less important than the spreading of dairy goodness and the types and shapes of cheese given by the Cheese Weasel became varied. This was considered to be a Good Thing, especially considering how often most people look under their keyboards.

Q: You made this up didn’t you?

Nope, I didn’t make this up.

C.W. Day is a holiday that evolved on the Internet, probably sometime in the last fifteen years. The first I heard of it was in 1992, and it’s being celebrated quietly by dozens, dare I say hundreds of software and technical folks around the country as you read this. Hallmark doesn’t make a card, and the American Dairy Association is as yet unaware of it, so it’s probably the least commercial holiday going. Hey, we wanted to add some culture to the company, right? What could be more cultured than cheese? There’s even a Cheese Weasel Song!

The Cheese Weasel Day Song
(Sung to the tune of…..hm well there isn’t one that I know of. C.W. Day predates MP3)

Who Brings the Cheese on April 3rd?
It’s the Cheese Weasel!
He’s not a silly bunny or a reindeer or a bird
He’s the Cheese Weasel!
He’s got a funny little tail and funny buck teeth
and he doesn’t bring fish and he doesn’t bring beef
so you’d better be good if you want to get some cheese
from the Cheese Weasel!!!!!

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