Haven’t I become the joiner?

On Monday I joined the US Chess Federation and the Hackettstown Chess Club. I had a very nice tournament game against Jeff from the HCC… of course losing, but it was a blast! I was thinking so hard, it hurt!

I big_los_angeles_in_hangar_1.jpg (64551 bytes) joined the East Coast Indoor Modelers in February. They… we… fly ultralight slowflyer model airplanes inside the huge hangar at the Lakehurst Naval Base. The hangar was built for dirigibles in the 1920’s. I’ll be taking my dad there this summer. I’m sure he’s going to get a huge thrill because the last time he was there was with his father, sometime in the ’50’s or ’60’s. The hanger is big. The photo at the right is of the American Los Angeles/German LZ-126, an airship 650 feet long! Click on it to get an idea of the scale.

After thinking about it for a couple years, I’ve decided to actually try my hand at making music. Liner notes on my first multi-platinum record might read in part, “Lee’s wide ranging influences include Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, African mbira music, number theory, the natural world, his own insights into the boundary between the real and imagined worlds of the mind.” Yea, whatever.

I’ll shortly be joining RAMAC, the Roxbury Area Model Airplane Club so I have a place to fly my just finished Zagi 400X model airplane! I’d show you a picture but I can’t find the battery charger to my digital camera! It’s been missing now for weeks… I’m going to have to really go rummaging for that charger!! I’m pretty happy with the plane. It took a lot longer to finish than I thought. The devil is in the details. (or, as Daniel Dennett might say, god is in the details… but that’s a story for another time). I’m still waiting for the charger for the plane. It’ll be here in a few days.

TJIC had recommended I see Dark Star. Oh my! It’s hilarious! It’s astounding! It’s better than cats, I’ll see it again and again! My sides hurt for hours after seeing this movie. See this movie. This was John Carpenter’s first film, done originally as a student project in 1970 and finished up as a professional film in 1974. 1 Part Rocky Horror, 2 Parts 2001: A Space Odyssey, a dash of Snow Crash, gently blend in 2 cups Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, bake at 350 until tender.

Currently reading:

  • Total Keyboard by Terry Burrows
  • Future Music Magazine, February 2003
  • The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (audiobook in the car)
  • In Code

Recently Finished

  • Wired Magazine, April 2003
  • Baseline Magazine, March 2003

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