I got Snorcomments running!

Most of this time, I’ve been trying to get Symbio working. But I ran into a huge host of problems. At one point, I tried to apply what I had learned in my Symbio hunt to the slightly simpler Snorcomments and BOOM, it worked right out of the box. Here’s what I learned this summer:

* Many Perl Tutorials on the web and programmers in general confuse single quotes with double quotes. I had found SEVERAL examples of how to do a “use lib” command and all of them looked like this: use lib ‘/home/files’ But as Perldoc finally showed me, it SHOULD be: use lib “/home/files” Big difference! Moral: buy a good Perl book, forget online tutorials.
* Earthlink tech support can be LESS THAN useless. They’ve usually been helpful for me, but in the past few days, the guys I got gave me more incorrect answers than correct ones, right down to the phone extension Noel C. tried to refer me to.
* I still don’t know why I can’t run CGI::Cookie;. I need that to run Symbio comments. I’ve gotten as close as being able to tell that it doesn’t like modules with double-colons in it. Maybe that concept came after 5.004_04? Earthlink is running that version and nothing more recent. That’s like 4 years out of date. :-(
* The Snorcomments “Generate Code” sample script is missing some quotes. More with the quotes! Geez. SHOULD read
* Snorcomment BlogItemNumbers can ONLY be numbers.

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