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And you? How are things?

A friend asked me, “And you? How are things?”

I got a letter just a few days ago saying that the Hackettstown school system has approved my application to become a substitute teacher. :-). They say I’ll be teaching in 2 weeks.

I started my math and psych courses…

The Math class is hard. It’s really hard. I’m worried. This is gonna take a lot of concentration and work… a lot of hours of cursing my own stupidity during homework sessions. Well, at least I’ll have the psych class to balance it out!

I’ve been working a lot on my web page. I think it’s replacing some important social element in my life… like not getting out enough or having a girlfriend or somesuch. It’s a healthy enough and stimulating activity so I’m not too worried. Check it out at

I’ve started playing chess online and with Chessmaster 9000. Even when set to high school level, little automaton “Carrie” still kicks my ass, but that’s what learning is all about. At least she doesn’t gloat about it. :-)

I continue to sell my bottles of Marilyn Merlot wine on eBay. See . Wine is gonna put me through college! (assuming my supplier doesn’t run out or figure out how -he- can make as much money as I am on these bottles!

My folks haven’t been in NJ now for a month and I’ve taken over the house. It’s nice. Though I have to say that even when they were here, it was pretty darn OK. They’ll be back for a week starting next week.

I’d love to have a partner to interact with, voice ideas with, and work with. I feel I’d be more happy and successful in life if I had one. I’ve thought this for years and I’m disheartened that for all my looking I haven’t found one. I’ve been a part of a whole, missing the whole for a long time.

Penn Jillette

Kindred spirit: Penn, the larger half of Penn and Teller.

Kikkoman! Kikko Man!

Kikkoman! Kikko Man!

Original – link dead :-(

local version – not dead :-)

Wuw. This is some of the most….. I don’t know.. you just have to see it for yourself… Wuw. Did the soy sauce maker actually commission this work? If so… what does that mean? Wuw.

If you can read the Japanese and it says anything interesting, please write to me! I’d be most interested in finding out what predicated the swinging dead cat, and how the fish-headed Kikko-Man got the chick in bed. Wuw.

Did I mention…. “Wuw”?

Mcafee Spam

Here’s an email response to my aunt about a question she had:

>*NEW-Special Package Deal!*
>2003 McAfee Version 7.0 Software Suite – Home Edition-
>Includes – Feature-Packed Utilities…ALL For ONE Special LOW Pr…
>Should I get this?…

It’s pretty much a cardinal rule to never buy anything from a Spam message. The vast majority of spams come from scam artists trying to steal from people. I get about 20-30 spams per day (yes really!) so I pretty much know. And I get about 5 spams a month about that Mcafee. I’d guess that some software pirate in China made a gazzilion copies of Mcafee and he’s sold them to spammers. OR, maybe there aren’t ANY for sale and those folks will just disappear as soon as they get your credit card! I don’t know… well, hey, lemme check on the internet and find out a little.

I just went on Google and searched for “mcafee version 7.0” and spam.

One of the first results I got back was
one that reports on fraud cases just like I said

So the moral of the story is, don’t buy nuthin from spammers.

On the other side, if you are worried about viruses and such, you’re talking to the right person! I can set you up with a legitimate copy of Norton AntiVirus and Blackice firewall. …

I had my first classes today

I had my first classes today… Math is (surprisingly) going to be a challenge while Child Growth and Development will be an excellent opportunity for me to polish up on the fine art of BS. I haven’t been in a classroom in 10 years. This will take a little getting used to!


I put some more spit-polish on my “I hate NERO” page after a friend asked me about NERO. I startle myself at how much of a grudge I’m still holding over this thing. I guess my “counter-betrayal mechanism” has been working overtime since Cha. I have to vent the toxic fumes in some direction. So, come one, come all, step right up and see the gruesome object of my disgust.


I’m still in the Wavexpress beta program… which mostly means that I write to them when I find a bug. I’ll always love poking at things and making them break. More than that, I love taking all the failure modes into account to try to figure out exactly what’s broken on the inside…. you know… like shaking a present at Christmas 10 different ways to try to figure out what’s inside.


OK, so I was reading this article about an atheist convention in UUWorld and I ran across the wackiest thing I’ve seen in a long while, Rumpology, “…whereby Jacqueline Stallone (Sylvester’s mom) promises to predict your future if you will merely send her a photocopy of your butt, along with (naturally) $100.”