Kikkoman! Kikko Man!

Kikkoman! Kikko Man!

Original – link dead :-(

local version – not dead :-)

Wuw. This is some of the most….. I don’t know.. you just have to see it for yourself… Wuw. Did the soy sauce maker actually commission this work? If so… what does that mean? Wuw.

If you can read the Japanese and it says anything interesting, please write to me! I’d be most interested in finding out what predicated the swinging dead cat, and how the fish-headed Kikko-Man got the chick in bed. Wuw.

Did I mention…. “Wuw”?

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  1. lee says:

    My friend Mark Alexander gave me a little explanation
    So good. This is a viral ad from 1999. Kikkoman and the Japanese government were uneasy about all the new flavorings and sauces the Japanese public were adopting and were going for a return to the traditional sauce of Japan, “Shoyu.” Hence the play on words “Show me, show you (shoyu).”

    This sounds like a crappy karaoke version, and the flash looks updated… but all the characters look the way they did in their original 2chan forms.

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