I had my first classes today

I had my first classes today… Math is (surprisingly) going to be a challenge while Child Growth and Development will be an excellent opportunity for me to polish up on the fine art of BS. I haven’t been in a classroom in 10 years. This will take a little getting used to!


I put some more spit-polish on my “I hate NERO” page after a friend asked me about NERO. I startle myself at how much of a grudge I’m still holding over this thing. I guess my “counter-betrayal mechanism” has been working overtime since Cha. I have to vent the toxic fumes in some direction. So, come one, come all, step right up and see the gruesome object of my disgust.


I’m still in the Wavexpress beta program… which mostly means that I write to them when I find a bug. I’ll always love poking at things and making them break. More than that, I love taking all the failure modes into account to try to figure out exactly what’s broken on the inside…. you know… like shaking a present at Christmas 10 different ways to try to figure out what’s inside.

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