Progressing at a Pace

My situation progresses at a pace… I’m starting school Tuesday so that by the fall I can enter a master’s program so that next fall I can apply to become a certified NJ teacher. With a significant amount of luck, I’ll be a certified teacher, in the classroom bending … errr shaping little minds in September 2004.

Potential schools right now include:

  • East Stroudsburg University over the border in PA. Their Master’s of Education in Science sounds interesting… if their graduate studies people would just return my calls! Maybe they’re still out for winter break.
  • Centenary in Hackettstown. If I can find a program that works for me. I had 1 meeting with them. I’ll have 1 more but it’s not looking good.
  • Rutgers in New Brunswick. Maybe but it’s a long commute to New Brunswick!
  • FDU in Madison: Maybe, though I might not make their entrance GPA requirements, and it’s pricey.

Also, by mid-February, as soon as the paperwork settles in the appropriate Nooks and Crannies ™*, I’ll start substitute teaching. Ironically, the training for being a sub consists of 2 sheets of paper and a map to the schools in the district. The notes on the sheets include things like: “#12. You must accompany your class outside in case of a fire drill.” and “#20. Try to get as many students possible to participate and become involved in the lesson activity.”


And I did the math out… get into Grad school, I need 5 A’s before September… B’s don’t count and C’s are right-out. That’s 2 classes this semester, 2 first summer term, 1 second summer term. I’m going to have a busy summer! (and spring, and fall. Hurumph, my Tivo is gonna get lonely, though that’s not a too terribly bad thing)

In it for the long haul,
Or at least: in for ‘it’.


*Yes, Thomas’ English Muffins owns “Nooks and Crannies”. Check the package.

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