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I’ll Be Presenting My OT Poster Presentation at OTAC!

OTAC_40anniversary I was selected to present my research poster at the OTAC Convention (Occupational Therapy Association of California) in Pasadena October 27-30!

My big final research paper in school was about the relationship between stress and life satisfaction among
occupational therapy graduate students. I created a poster to highlight the important points and I presented it at a poster session last month. I applied to present the poster at the OTAC conference in October and the committee selected it!

OT Academics Done!

I am finished with the academic portion of my Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy at San Jose State University!

On May 27th I walked with my cohorts wearing cap and gown in a convocation ceremony.

In the coming months I will do two three-month fieldworks: a skilled nursing facility in Alameda and at a community senior center in San Francisco. In January or February I will take the NBCOT (the occupational therapy certification test) and start as an occupational therapy professional!

See Thank-you’s below the photos!

Here is the Acknowledgements section of my research paper:
The Relationship Between Stress and Life Satisfaction Among Occupational Therapy Graduate Students

Firstly, I have thank my loving wife Dr. Megan Flom for helping to make this grand project a reality. She has been there, supporting me from the beginning to the end. Great thanks also go to my brother-in-law Walt Flom for sharing his passion and helping me to appreciate and understand it.

I offer my gratitude to my research professor, Dr. Megan Chang for guiding and supporting this effort. I am also grateful for every professor and every student I have encountered at San Jose State. This has been a period of great growth.

I offer grateful thanks to my parents, Lee J. Sonko and Marlene M. Sonko for a lifetime of continued love and encouragement to follow my passions.

The person I need to thank the most can’t read this note… yet. I must thank my wonderful daughter Abigail for helping me every morning by reminding me of the joys of life and learning. As she says so excitedly, “Book-a-book-a-book-a-book-a-book!”

Lee Sonko
May 2016

What Grad School is Really Like

What Grad School is Really Like:

The Stress(ed) Researchers

Research Groups under Dr Chang - tired

OMG, I’ve got like 7 weeks of academic study left!

My Master’s Thesis

My master’s thesis will be on the relationship between stress and life satisfaction in occupational therapy graduate students.

Here’s our recruitment flyer.  (No need to respond, we’re only taking San Jose State OT students!)

Two Flyers

Looking for 85+ Interviewee

(Update: I’m pretty sure I found an interviewee, thanks!)

Looking for 85 year-old interviewee
I am looking to interview a person that is at least 85 years old and in well health for one of my Occupational Therapy Master’s program classes at San Jose State University. Do you know someone I might speak to?

The interview will take an hour or two and focus on the breadth of the interviewee’s life thus far. When I say “well health”, I generally mean that they are not having a current serious medical complication.

I believe the interview and the followup could be valuable and enjoyable for both interviewee and interviewer. The interview I did last semester for another project was very enjoyable for all!

All discussions will be held with strict confidentiality. You can contact me at or by phone at 415-306-2151

Viola Palmer Memorial Scholarship

My resolve to complete my OT Master’s degree has been reinforced. This week I received a grant from the Viola Palmer Memorial Scholarship.

Here is an edited snippet from my Thank you letter:

Grad school takes a lot of focus and I’ve got a lot of things going on in my life: a beautiful 8 month old baby, a new wife, some medical conditions that go along with aging, and a 5 hr daily commute.

The money is important for paying bills but the idea that a stranger would help me get through grad school is revitalizing. It speaks to your confidence in this path and faith in my success. There are times when I am low on confidence and faith; you restore me. Thank you.