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Credit by Exam or: How to Get a Bachelors Degree in 6 Months

I met a guy named John who has plenty of education but from a school that wasn’t accredited. Now he’s trying to get into a master’s program like I am. So he figured out how to test out of almost all of a college degree!

This is useful if you need to pick up some classes that you already know, or if you are a super genius and can study for college at home, or need just the right summer class to round out your prerequisite classes. I am in the last camp.

Here are some links that point to some great Credit by Exam resources. John used these programs to great effect. I haven’t used them yet but certainly might this summer.

great link for college degree planning    Degree Forum is the site for those people utilizing credit by exam and applying those credits to degrees

Excelsior College in Albany   The largest of the schools accepting up to 120 credits.for their degree programs

Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey TESC also takes 120 credits toward their Bachelor’s degrees   The first website dedicated to Credit by Examiniation An excellent resource for free  CLEP DSST ECE prep materials

Taking the GRE on Friday

The GRE is the test you take when you are trying to get into Grad School. I’m trying to get into an Occupational Therapy Master’s program at San Jose State. The test is hard. I’ll be taking it this Friday.

Please wish me a bit of good fortune.

As you move toward a dream…

As you move toward a dream, the dream moves toward you. …. Pray to catch the bus, then run as fast as you can. ― Julia Cameron

This brought to you (and me) by my friend Marah. I certainly need such encouragement with all my chasing school stuff. (I’m taking the GRE in 9 days, and I’ve got a flurry of tests in front of me before Holiday break)

Accepted into CCSF DMI Program!


Now the big question:

Do I go for it or try to get accepted into an Occupational Therapy Master’s program at Samuel Merritt University / San Jose State University? I won’t know if I’m accepted into either of those programs til February or March.

What do I want? What can I get? What is achievable? What will bring me the most happiness?

Submitted Occupational Therapy Master’s Program Application

With huge help from Megan, and her great friend Rachel, I submitted my application to the Samuel Merritt University Master of Occupational Therapy Program tonight!

Overheard in Interpersonal Communications Class

“That was an innovative and original presentation you gave. Can I have your lesson plan so I can show other facilitators?”

That’s what my Interpersonal Communications professor said about the presentation that my classmate and I put on tonight. :-)