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REALLY Fresh Sushi

– Catch fish
– Slice fish (note that “kill” did not occur in this progression)
– Eat fish while it pleads for you with it’s eyes to finish it off.
(Kevin Rose’s sushi experience)


Why I live in San Francisco

“Icer Air 2005,” [on August 27th, 2005] sponsored by a Nevada company that makes snowboard wax, will feature 10,000 cubic feet of snow, a ski jump, an MTV crew, a DJ and thousands of cheering fans in the heart of San Francisco’s grandest neighborhood.

“What the hell are you guys thinking?” said Bruce Miller… (SFGate)

Google Toolbar for Firefox

The Google Toolbar is available for Firefox now, complete with Pagerank info.

300 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG

Update 1-24-10: Ok, if you thought the “300 things” list below was good, here’s
1575 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG!!!

CAUTION: If your sides begin to hurt while reading this, stop immediately! and come back tomorrow!

I stole this list.

(thanks to Dave for pointing it out to me)
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If you haven’t heard of it, Lazyweb is a cool. Check it out.

Rigged Survey at

I just went to pay a parking ticket and I ran into this rigged survey on San Francisco’s city web site.

Rigged Survey

You’ll notice two things. First, the “Highly Valuable” radio button is already pre-clicked for me. That was considerate of them, wasn’t it? Second, notice that two of the three options are positive. That’s like saying, “Using only the numbers 3, 7, or 10, rate our service on a scale from 1 to 10.”