The laziest person in the universe

From Jon Udell’s blog… He’s talking about how the Tivo SDK was made available (for you non-geeks, SDK stands for “Software Developers Kit”. It means that normal every-day people will be able to fiddle with the internals of how their Tivo works. He quotes an interview with Arthur van Hoff, an old-sk00l uber-geek:

I have an X10 home lighting system, and I’ve written a Java application that runs on a Linux server in my closet that the TiVo discovers. So I can now control all the lights in my house, and turn on the fountain in the back yard, and stuff like that.

While sitting in his Barkolounger, this guy can control his backyard fountain with his TV remote control (!!)

How cool is that? Errr. How lazy can this guy be? Err….. That’s freaky frickin awsome… errr…

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