Evil Sabotage Plans

WBZ News
Century-old New York City subway gets a computerized facelift

“They’re going to be sending signals via radio waves,” said Councilman Lewis Fidler, a Democrat from Brooklyn. “I don’t want to find out that someone hacks into the system and makes a train disappear and another train rams into it.”

Such a scenario is unlikely, said Tom Sullivan, an independent transit consultant with Transportation Systems Design in Oakland, Calif., who helped design the L-line upgrade.

The data carried on radio waves are encrypted, so only an internal leak could compromise its security, he said. Though it’s possible to jam the radio signal, he said, that would only make the train stop.

So a bad person with a couple (or a couple hundred) $50 jamming radios in the right locations could completely paralyze the NYC subways system. Cool… err.. that’s awful! err… kew1.

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