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507 Animated Mechanical Movements

Cover your eyes, this is kinetic porn!


Fire In A Bottle




With sound


Psionics 13

I did the kinetic EL wire elements in another of Desiree’s pieces, a communications helm titled Psionics 13. Here it is installed in Santa Barbara :-)

Psionics 13 10 seconds of video.

It is installed at the Hotel Indigo Santa Barbara through the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara.


Psionics and Time Travel Experiments: Closeup

Psionics and Time Travel Experiments: Closeup, via Desiree Holman


More Images of Kinetic Helmets

As I mentioned, I did the kinetic and lighting elements for several helmets made by Desiree Holman for her recent Sophont project. I also just finished the kinetic elements on another piece for the project, a communications helm with choreographed EL wire; I’ll show you pictures and hopefully video of that soon. In the mean time, here are some good photos of the Sophont show at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in October 2013. There are a lot of images of the helmets I worked on :-). I’m happy with how this artistic relationship is developing. (Images via Desiree’s Facebook page)


My Kinetic Helmets at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Cool news:
I told you that I worked on the kinetic elements of Desiree Holman’s most recent art piece, Sophont. The installation, along with my bits are at the Philip J. Steele Gallery at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver until November 23rd!

See the whole catalog in PDF here!

I’m going to make an admission. When I first saw her art, I it didn’t really excite me but I thought, “Sure, let’s make art, let’s make it kinetic!” After hanging around it for a while and most recently reading the catalog, it’s seeping in. I’m starting to get it and I like it! Art is funny that way.