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Wedding Photography

I overheard a conversation among some people that had hired wedding photographers. some weren’t happy with the results… not enough photos, not dynamic shooting, “could have done as well myself”… It reminded me that Megan and I are VERY happy with the wedding photography we got from Lydia Daniller ┬ásome 4 years ago!

Vote For My Bride’s Wedding Ring

I designed Megan’s wedding ring. The jeweler who made the stone is holding a contest for the best jewelry. If you love Megan’s ring, please vote for it right now! To vote for Megan’s ring, go here and click “Vote for this photo!” To see all the contest entries go to the contest page And […]

Megan’s Wedding Ring

short form: My wife and I are very happy with the custom made ring made by Edward’s Jewelry and Imports in San Francisco. I spoke with Jean Paul Tchamourlian there. I showed them some photos and talked about what I wanted and they made it for me! We got exactly the ring we wanted for […]

Our Wedding Website

For Megan and my wedding, we created a nice website connected with our invitation. (you may want to right-click to open these images in a new window because they are very large) The wedding invitation was pretty rad. Lasercut and etched and cut in stainless steel by, designed by our friend Sarahjane Bernhisel, owner […]

Our Wedding Music Playlist

We put together a fantastic playlist for the wedding! Thanks Zeke for making it happen! It’s in 3 sections, Cocktails, Dinner, and Dance.     Cocktails Order Song Artist 1 In The Air Tonight Phil Collins 2 We Are Golden Mika 3 Livin’ la vida Divide & Kreate 4 Birdhouse In Your Soul They Might […]

Wedding Video!

Megan and I can’t thank Shin enough for presenting to us this incredible video of our wedding!

What Dessert Should Be At Our Wedding?

We are trying to think of desserts that are less sweet and more bold, like tiramisu for instance. What do you love?  

Making Wedding Jewelry

You may have heard through the grapevine that Megan and I are getting married! Now we’re looking for engagement and wedding jewelry! It’s quite appropriate for us to either make it ourselves or have it made custom by a local jeweler. If you or someone you know can help with either of these ventures, we’d […]

Sue and Aimee’s Wedding

Last week I went to another wedding with Charlotte. This one at the Shipyard in Berkeley. The vows were performed by several Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Yes, really. It was a blast! And yes, that’s the Neverwas Haul Handfasting And the space! That’s Charlotte and I in the lower left, talking with Michael P and […]

Why I love

Here’s a flying tip, I always check my airline seats on before picking them. It lets me avoid bad seats and often get better seats at no extra cost. I just booked a flight to Nashville for my cousin’s wedding and got extra legroom seats on all 4 legs! My last flight, I avoided […]