What Dessert Should Be At Our Wedding?

We are trying to think of desserts that are less sweet and more bold, like tiramisu for instance. What do you love?



  1. Katherine says:

    Fruit parfait? Baked Alaska? Bananas Foster?

  2. Peter says:


    Or anything that can be set on fire.

  3. lee says:

    Bananas Foster! There are several votes (including mine!) for that. Yes! Thanks for writing Katherine!

  4. Lara says:

    I’ve had some flourless chocolate cakes that are more about the cocoa than the sugar. My husband says, “fruit desserts!” He isn’t a sweets guy at all. Maybe berries and a real whipped cream topping? A touch of Grand Marnier in the whipping makes it a touch richer.

  5. Bathesinmilk says:

    Lots of desserts at weddings get wasted. People are too full or distracted by the end of the evening to eat them. Go lighter, like um, Wedding cake and Kozy Shack! Ha ha ha…

  6. Laurie Troyer says:

    Tiramisu is played out, although it is good. I love cake … there’s always chocolate mousse, with booze and whipped cream, of course.

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