Our Wedding Website

For Megan and my wedding, we created a nice website connected with our invitation.

(you may want to right-click to open these images in a new window because they are very large)

The wedding invitation was pretty rad. Lasercut and etched and cut in stainless steel by MyMetalBusinessCard.com, designed by our friend Sarahjane Bernhisel, owner of Bison Paper Company.

The Wedding of Megan Flom and Lee Sonko

At the bottom, “Visit www.MeganAndLeeWedding.com”
Here are snapshots of the site:

1 Welcome

2 Wedding Events

3 Travel Lodging - Megan and Lee


5 Weather

6 Our Story

7 Registry

7b Registry - Honeyfund

8 Photo Album

9 Honeymoon

10 FAQ

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