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It’s Better than a Poke in the Eye

Well, actually, it is a poke in the eye, but that’s ok! I’ve been getting monthly treatments for macular edema caused by CRVO. I keep reminding myself that the technology to repair this problem has only existed for about 20 years. The previous treatment, with steroids, wasn’t very effective, and before that, I simply would […]

Apocalypse Bingo

Felt sick Monday, maybe it was being tired from Saturday beach trip but quarantined in the bedroom in case it was COVID-19. Got tested Tuesday, felt better Tuesday evening, test came back negative Wednesday. I was very glad to be feeling silly that I was self-quarantining! I got to tell Megan I was in the […]

Macular Edema and a Miracle

In 2016, I had a central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO) in one eye and macular edema and crosshatching in my vision to go along with it. I was treated with Avastin (that’s the brand name, no one can pronounce the generic “bevacizumab”). I got monthly-ish injections into my eyeball (yeah, squick! but it worked so…!) […]

Internship Postponed

With my eye medical problems, the university postponed my internship. That was the right thing to do. I had been missing whole days because of doctor visits, was having trouble seeing, and couldn’t focus on learning because of my worries. Yesterday I went to an eye doctor, Dr. Michel Jumper in Walnut Creek. They took […]