Vault of Heaven Burning Man Screen Saver!

The 2004 Vault of Heaven Burning Man Screen Saver so lovingly created by Scorch at the Burning Man Screen Saver Project has been released! Scorch graciously mailed beautiful CDs jam packed with thousands of pictures to all 50 or so of the contributors like myself.

It’s available on the official Screen Saver Project page. It was available as a .torrent file here for several months.

It’s currently (8-24-05) available as a direct download from my site:
Windows direct download – R rated Vault of Heaven Screen Saver

Here’s the Readme from the Screen Saver Project CD.

You’ll find the PG rated version of the screen saver (no boobies etc… though you’ll have to be the judge if it’s “work-safe”) on the official site. You’ll find the R rated version (the good version) both on my site and the official site.

On the playa, I go by ‘Nector (as in ‘Connector’) and working on the Colossus project, they called me “Grinder”. See you in the dust!

Don’t know what Bittorrent is? It’s a great, free, popular, easy to use program for downloading large files. Just go to the website, download and install the program. Then come back here and click on one of those “.torrent” links. You’ll find gazillions of other big files to download at websites like (entire television episodes and such) and etree (music). There are a zillion other sites out there. Try Googling for the word “torrent” and your favorite subject!

How does Bittorrent work? Everyone who is downloading the file is also uploading the bits of the file that they already have to other folks. So the more people that are downloading, the more capacity there is. It is considered a generous thing if you leave your Bittorrent client running after you’ve downloaded your file; that will help others download the file quicker.

I might also mention that there are many Bittorrent clients that work very well but my favorite right now is Azureus.


  1. Henry says:

    Thanks for the fantastic screen saver. It’s like being home again. Good luck with your move to the Bay Area. We just moved from SF to western MA a little over a year ago. Miss it badly. Best wishes.

  2. Ra says:

    Scorch sent me one as well as I’m also a contributer. I’m amazed at how many art installations I somehow missed. There sure are some fantastic images in this thing. It’s wonderful.! Now I’m getting excited for BM 2005.
    This year I need to concentrate more on photography and less on partying.

  3. Rio Hahn says:

    where to find the mac version – many thanks – warms my burn heart!

  4. Lee says:

    You can find last year’s Mac version on the Screen Saver web site. Sorry, being a PC user, I didn’t receive this year’s Mac version. The official site should be picking up all of this year’s files shortly.

  5. greg strockbine says:

    where’s the Linux version?
    Burning Man of all things should not
    be promoting the Monopoly’s operating system.

  6. Lee says:

    That’s a very good point. If you’ve got an idea for how to make it happen, give Scorch a buzz and I’m sure he’d be interested in talking! You can find his email address on the site. I suppose it might be as easy as a pile of .jpgs in a folder with an XScreenSaver module. Go to it!

  7. Lee says:

    My 150 downloads for the month of April zooped by quick! And welcome to May, a month with grand horizons and a new quota!

  8. --e says:

    Great! a new screensaver! not that my old BM screensaver isn’t still wonderful to watch, but a new one will be even better. Thanks much.

  9. Dave says:

    Thanks for providing access to this – I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Vault of Heaven version!

  10. Jen says:

    Absolutely beautiful account of Burningman… Thank you for all the efforts in putting this together and sharing!

  11. ONYT says:

    tHIS is SUCH a TreaT! i love
    THese screeNNN sAVer ImAGES. It IS THE best For my
    DAIly soUL. I RELAx and CHIllll ANd inSpire TO It ofTen.
    THanKSSSSS SO Much From mY HEart FOr ACCEsss to dElicIousNESs.
    SEe yaa ALL soOOn.

  12. Lee says:

    Welcome to June and another 150 downloads available.

  13. Oxy (craig) says:

    I think I saw myself and my partner in one of the pics as the screensaver changed. Is there anyway to view the individual pictures so I can show her? I was Zeus and she was Istar. It looks like we were sitting in center camp and we are really the only ones in the picture…but was it really us….I have to know….thanks and thanks for the wonderful work you have done Lee.


  14. Lex says:

    The beyond belief screensaver inflamed my desire to return the next year, and has been steadily working on my scholastically-addled psyche to haul out there again.

    Anyone know how to pull individual images out? Screen cap works on windows, but I can’t find a way to pull an image on the mac without waking it up. I’ve spotted several friends in there, and the only way to show them is arrow keys and lots of patience…

  15. Lee says:

    You might ask Scorch from the site for the images. He created the screen saver, I’m just avidly hosting it.

  16. playaphiZ says:

    This is going to be my 4th burn. The vault of heaven screensaver is my 3rd in a row from you guys. It keeps me thinking about the upcoming burn and burns past, all year long. There are no emoticons to
    express what I am feeling right now.

  17. Lenny Jones says:

    I think we met at Dockweiler on a beach burn, Claudia and I were testing out at EL wire Hulahoop.
    Just loaded up the Mac version last night, watched photos for hours. Thanks for all the hard work! Sorry we missed the deadline to submit for this year

  18. Timbshoo says:

    maybe i can finaly get my wife to go by bombarding her with all these fantastic images on a daily basis…thank you so much for all your efforts, the results are amazing. I f*cking love burningman…it’s my religion!!!

  19. Lee says:

    Your wife hasn’t been?
    Wow, how do the two of you function? It must be a Yin and Yang kind of relationship! She’s never been? Phew!

    Tell her that I said that she should go.

  20. Scott (Your Housemate) says:

    I have the PG rated screen saver at work, but I wanted to install the R one at home, so I googled for: burning man screen saver. The second google hit was Lee, my housemate! Lee is so helpful, he is always surprising me. Thanks Lee!

  21. jack says:

    Thanks for this marvelous piece of work. I have been loving it for ages now. are there plans for more? I love it so much. jack

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