YAGW: Yet Another Great Weekend (with a rough start)

Friday afternoon I was getting ready to go out to meet the Eleventh President when I got a message from my neighbor saying that the email mailing list I’ve been trying to get started for the last 11 months (yes, I said 11 months) was voted down by [insert vulgarities here]. Mulling this over the weekend I was considering how I could resign with the most effectiveness over this issue.
To clean this part of the weekend up quickly, I got a message from him Sunday afternoon saying that it wasn’t dead, the board was just too busy talking about more important matters at the meeting to deal with the mailing list. We’ll see.

11 months!

But I digress on describing YAGW.

Friday at 6 (actually 6:20 b/c I had to cool off after getting the above bad news) I met with the Eleventh President at Moghul in Morristown. The meal was exquisite. Not inexpensive but worth it, right down to the aromatic rice. We proceeded to a party in New Brunswick with friends of the Eleventh President. PPG was there too! Mutual friends! It was a very young crowd… 21-25 or so, a college pad. They had DanceDanceRevolution on Xbox downstairs. We tried it out and I really got into the groove with it. the Eleventh President and some others also played. We had a blast!

I went back with PPG at 4am. Late!

Saturday, we went in to NYC. PPG got a facial and her hair cut from 4-6. I bought the very last two cases of Marilyn Merlot 1996 and Marilyn Merlot 1997 from my wine supplier in the city. The owner told me that he had 2 cases of 1994 just last week and he sold them to a guy from Pennsylvania for $40/bottle or something. Those are $150 bottles! ARG! Well, I gave him my phone number in case he gets more… I also spent a while talking to the Eleventh President using my bluetooth headset. It was fun getting mistaken for a lunatic on the streets; I was standing outside, hands at my sides, wearing a hat that covers the earpiece and talking to NO ONE. A couple people gave me strange looks. I pointed to my ear and they feigned understanding. ;-)

I picked up PPG. We found each other by cell phone… I never actually found out where exactly her spa was. When I dropped her off, she didn’t know exactly how to get there so I had just dropped her off and she walked the last 1/4-2 blocks, feeling her way. Now when picking her up, I stopped at a corner near where I dropped her off. She was on foot; she told me the street corner she had just passed and the one she was approaching. I checked my map and figured out where she was. I guided her in by map. “Ok, at the next intersection, turn right and walk 1 block. [step, step, step, step…] Ok now look to your left and smile. Wave.”

We went off to Toys in Babeland for accoutrements. And then pizza. Thin, perfect New York Pizza. Ahhh. I took one bite and told PPG that I didn’t -need- any more. But of course I finished both slices!

Then it was off to a party at Gatsby’s in the Village. It was someone’s birthday. The someone seemed very nice. She just turned 22. Much of this crowd is starting to become familiar to me. That’s good.

11pm: off to Paddles. But I was so gosh darn tired that I couldn’t go in. PPG had a play date so I insisted that she go in while I stayed in the car basking in the quiet, playing with my cell phone and happily vegging out for a while. It was really quite nice actually. (it also didn’t hurt that her lack of a penis got her in for free while it costs $25 to get mine in.) Her date was a no-show so we ended up leaving just after midnight. Home. Sleep. Good.

Next morning: movies! PPG, River and myself made it to a 4:05 showing of Big Fish in Piscataway. We all got something out of it and liked it a lot. It’s an excellent story and very well done.

After the movie, the three of us went to Four Seasons Thai restaurant in Piscataway (1353 Stelton Road 732-819-8787). Low on atmosphere, excellent authentic food, low prices, highly recommended. From there, we all split up and went home. And they all lived happily ever after.

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