Litter Maid Works Well

PPG was recently given a Litter Maid Mega self cleaning cat litter box. She set it up a week ago and I’ve got to say that it works very well. You can walk into the bathroom and your nose almost doesn’t know that there’s a litter box there. That certainly wasn’t the case before! The cat took right to it, opting to go to this new perpetually clean litter box even before the old not perfectly clean litter box was removed. PPG says that it’s easy and convenient to clean. In a week, she had to add clumping litter only once, and only refilling the box about 1/3. So the (more expensive per pound) litter probably isn’t any more expensive. One really nice thing is that the cat isn’t tracking the new Tidy Cat scoopable into the rest of the bathroom nearly as much as the old regular Tidy Cat litter.

This litter box costs about $150 and it’s worth it!

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