Did Daylight Savings Time Mess Up Your Morning?

Did Daylight Savings Time mess up your morning?
It messed up mine.

Do you live in California?
Contact your California assemblyman and state senator to abolish daylight savings time.

  1. Go to the State Assembly page here
  2. Type in your address to find your representatives.
  3. Write a short letter to your assemblyman and senator… It could be as short as “Please support AB2496 and abolish daylight savings time. Thank you!”
  4. Done

Article about a bill to abolish DST

Here was my letter:

Please support Assembly Bill 2496 and end Daylight Savings Time in California. It helps no one, saves nothing, and it causes a considerable bother to every person in the state for several days twice a year. It especially bothers my sleep patterns and those of my baby for about a week!

The most popular reasoning for keeping DST is “to save energy”. Here is a study by the University of California’s Center for the Study of Energy Markets offering evidence that daylight savings time does not save energy.
Thank you,
Lee Sonko


  1. Peter says:


  2. Laura B says:

    Amen, and amen. And amen. I hate it. Especially as one who lives on the very western edge of a time zone, because in the summer it light outside until 9:30 PM. But regardless of that, it no longer makes sense for the world we live in today; especially since not every country (and not even ever state) follows it.

  3. H says:

    I love Daylight Savings Time. I look forward to its return every time we have “Fall Back” towards the end of the year. Therefore I hate AB 2496 and have already written to my SF Assemblymen urging them to defeat it. If time change is the issue, then abolish Standard Time instead.

  4. lee says:

    H, quit trolling. Thank you.

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