Free Wifi Hotspot on My Phone, Great Mint Mobile Service

For the past 10 years, I have been using PDANet as a free wifi hotspot on my phone instead of paying $10/month or so from my cell phone carrier. It’s been great. But I’ve been using Mint Mobile for the past several months and free wifi hotspots are included. Yay!

Mint mobile has worked perfectly well for me and it’s the least expensive provider I’ve used. And Ryan Reynolds (their front-man and a co-owner) is funny enough for me to give him some money.

Mint uses TMobile towers. When I was in Tilden Park, I didn’t have service where a friend with AT&T did, that has been the only time I had an issue.

Here’s a referral code for Mint Mobile that gives you a free month and me some $ as well.


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