ISO a 17″ Laptop Computer

Can you help me find a laptop computer with a 17″ screen with speakers that don’t suck? The Lenovo Yoga 7i and (poorly named) HP 17-cn2063cl that I’ve brought home are unusable to watch videos on. As is the LG Gram 17″and MSI gaming laptop at Costco.

The Macbook sounds stupendous but it’s so stupidly cute with it’s 13″ screen, I just need more screen real estate! I’m not spending $2,500 on a 16″ Macbook Pro, but hmm, maybe $1k a used 16″ 1999 Macbook Pro??

I’ve been a Windows user for.. umm.. 31 years so I’m a little nervous about switching to Mac. Then again, Windows 11 took several steps away from what I think of as “Windows” I just end up googling for solutions to every problem anyway.



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