Burning Man 2023

We’ve got tickets to Burning Man! Planning on joining up with Kidsville. You?

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  1. Peter Kropf says:

    We have tickets too, hopefully see you on playa. We’re camping with Frozen Oasis which hosts the Black Rock Philharmonic. In past years there was a kids specific concert, don’t know yet if there will be one this year.

    Also, some friends are putting together the Black Rock City Aquarium for which there is a planned kids day. When visitors enter the aquarium, they get to choose to ether be a spectator or a fish. If they’re a spectator, they enter one side and can view the fish currently swimming. If they want to be a fish, they enter a changing room where they can choose a costume, prop or whatnot and then enter the other side of the aquarium. It should be fun.

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