And Booster Makes 3

And booster makes 3! Suck it, COVID!

When I go back to work on Monday with all my unvaccinated, unmasked kids, I’ll still be wearing an N95 and using hand sanitizer like a lumberjack uses plaid, but I’ll have one extra layer of protection against what is increasingly being known as the stupid plague. 


  1. Janet Lawson says:

    Look forward to seeing you on Monday – where we are all vaxxed and tested regularly!

  2. Free says:

    I’m jealous that you were able to just go and get a booster. I already passed the six-month mark after my second Moderna, so this is the time I should be getting a booster, but the CDC is procrastinating on approving it. I figured that if in fact (as seems to be the case), protection is less after six months, COVID wasn’t going to wait around until the Moderna booster got approval, so I just claimed to be immunocompromised to get it. Of course, that meant I got the full dose, and now it looks like they will only approve a half dose as a booster. Oops!

    On the other hand, I also got a shot of J&J back in July, after six of my vaccinated relatives, in three separate incidents, got breakthrough cases of COVID. I’ve gotten to be more than a little paranoid, and am willing to risk extra shots in order to have maximum protection.

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