Requiring COVID Vaccinations to Enter

Consider telling your favorite in-person organization about this:
If you are an organization in California that requires a COVID vaccination to enter the premises (or you want to be such an organization), there is a free, relatively painless system you can use. It is these 2 tools: and
The DNA Lounge, a night club in San Francisco started using these August 1 to require a COVID vaccine to enter the club. Deets here


  1. Carol says:

    One of the problems it that there are a variety of apps that record your vaccination status, and they don’t talk to each other well. For example, VaxYes allows you to put your digital vaccine card into Google Pay or Apple Wallet. Clear has its own app. You’ve named two in California. Maryland and several other states have MyIR. New York has Excelsior Pass and Covid Safe.

    Walmart and Sam’s Club have their own proprietary system for people vaccinated there. So anyone asking for proof of vaccine using an app would have to be familiar with a number of them. Plus, a Maryland business can’t exactly require use of Maryland MyIR, because someone coming to a Maryland business from out of state can’t get-it.

    The net result is that places wanting to limit entry to the vaccinated are asking to see the actual card, or at least a photo of it. And unfortunately, the cards have no security features at all. So people are buying fake ones.

    I seriously wish we had some kind of official vaccine passport. It would actually give people more freedom, not less, because businesses that didn’t consider it safe to open to the unvaccinated could stay open by limiting entry to the vaccinated. The current system makes life difficult for both vaccinated people and businesses that want to serve them.

  2. Lee says:

    I totally hear you! It is unfortunate that a national vaccination card would have to pass an impossible political gauntlet.

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