Controlling Anxiety

A friend on FB asked what people are doing to control their anxiety. Here’s my response:

I am learning to control my Doomscrolling, Unfriending those who are assholes (disagreements are ok, just not assholery). I joined Nextdoor where people hollering “Hey, get off my lawn” and “How do I stop those darn gophers?” is refreshing. Making lists of organizations to donate to and then doing it.

Heh, looking back at what I’m doing is remarkably similar to the list of things to do mentioned in a conspiracy theory podcast I quoted just the other day.

  • The need to reduce uncertainty and make sense of the world
  • The need to feel safe and have a sense of control
  • The need to maintain a good self-image

I highly recommend putting the Savvy Psychologist podcast on your playlist!

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