Speech-to-Text Help?

I have good speech-to-text software and a very good noise-cancelling microphone. How do I tell the software, “Please only transcribe text from me, the loudest voice, and not anyone else in the room.” All the software is so eager to transcribe everything, it is useless unless I (or my students) am in a quiet room.

Details: I’ve got Read&Write for Google, and Dragon Naturally Speaking and neither are any help. I’ve contacted Nuance (the Dragon people) and they were less than useless, redirecting me to different business units. I contacted The Read&Write people were no help either. I’ve googled my fingers off and come up with very little. Maybe “noise gate” software could mute the microphone below a threshold volume.

I’m trying to make this speech-to-text system work for some of my occupational therapy students who have great ideas but can’t type or handwrite.

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