The Engineer Accelerator

Malcolm is a good friend of mine and has been working on this project for a year or so. He is teaching new engineers how to actually make it in the professional world. He’s starting to accept students. Check it out.


The Engineer Accelerator August 2015

The Engineer Accelerator is your entry point into the electrical engineering profession. It will introduce you to essential skills you will need as a in your career. It will give you the chance to begin developing your professional network and a portfolio of work. It will give you experience in producing professional level work at the pace required by industry.

The course will consist of two parts. The first part is focused on solidifying the skills that are the foundation of your professional career. Topics include:

Task Duration Estimation and Progress Monitoring
Working with Teams and Managers
The Hardware Development Process
Design by Documentation
The second part is focused on exploring the Hardware Development Process in detail. A selection of some of the topics that will be covered are listed below:

Product Definition
Architectural and Physical Design Constraints
Sourcing and BOM Management
Managing the Manufacturing Process
Schematic and Layout Design Guidelines
Black Box and White Box Testing
Each of these topics will be introduced in a seminar and lab. Then there will be be an opportunity for practice them through an ongoing project. The project will build up to a design review and demo at the end of the class. In addition to course work there will be optional field trips and other events that will give you a inside look at how the industry as it really works.

This course will run in August 2015 in Bay Area and is targeted to engineers who are in their last two years of college through their first two years of work. It assumes a background in electrical engineering such as a BS in Electrical Engineering or equivalent, or independent electronics project work. For students who are not local to the Bay Area remote options are available. If you are interested fill out the contact form at

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