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Why is email being made to be useless?

Short form: sellers: if you offer weekly, monthly, and quarterly email options, you’ll have a place in my inbox. If not, you are out!

In the last few months, I have started getting daily emails from lots of the companies and organizations I have relationships with. Who the hell wants a DAILY email from their pharmacy or clothing retailer? I can’t imagine who buys that many drugs or clothes! Of course I have to unsubscribe from these things lest my inbox become useless. What bugs me is that none of these companies offer reasonable ways of me keeping in touch! I would stick with them if they offered weekly, monthly, or quarterly mailers.

Be a Teacher Assistant at The Crucible this summer. Make things that go!

Hey, this summer at the Crucible I’ll be teaching youth classes in Kinetics and Electronics along with some friends. Would you like to be a Teacher Assistant?

The program is running most weeks June 22nd thru Aug 7. Each class runs either in the morning or afternoon for 5 days. Monday-Friday 9a-noon, Monday-Friday 1p-4p; pick one or both… each week starts a new session.

– A little experience with basic electronics is helpful (basic soldering, switches, DC motors)
– Be able to relate to 8-14 year old kids that are already excited about building stuff.
– Be able to have fun learning how to do the stuff you don’t know from the experienced teachers while working with the kids

It pays $12.50/hr and you can get discounts on Crucible classes.

Look up the class times and descriptions:

The July 6-10 class is extra special. We’ll be building smart Sumo-bots and the like. Arduino and programming skills a definite plus!

A Day Off

I haven’t had a day off school in what feels like a million years. Not been getting nearly enough sleep either. But the end is in sight. I got a luxurious 9 hours of sleep last night, gave myself the daymorning 10am to 12:30pm off. And I feel quite a bit more human now. When school is done for the semester in week, I will sleep like the dead.