Happy Halloween 1927

Megan and I having a great time!

We party hopped on Halloween. First to a mask making party in Piedmont, then a Time Traveler’s do in El Cerrito! (thanks Jeff for lending the suit!) It was pretty terrific!

One thing that really struck me is the time traveler’s “missed connections” writing competition at Ion and Sherri’s. As you may know, I just completed writing the most (over?) engineered document in recent memory: my personal essay for getting into grad school. It took weeks of rewrites and several friends helped edit it. At the Time Traveler’s party, they asked me to write a fictitious “missed connection” personal, ala Craigslist. With no constraints at all, I just ran with it! I started absurd sentences with no idea how I’d finish them, I bounced all over the place, and gosh darn it if it didn’t make a fun story! When it came to the vote, there were some terrific stories. But they voted mine the best! And Sherri even handed out an award, a Time Turner ala Hermione Granger!

I’m blown away at how different the two writing tasks were and how much fun the casual writing was after the torture of the essay!

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