Review of Delta Rothko Rolling Bike Stand: Don’t trust it. Don’t like it

As I posted on (and next to all the other poor reviews):

It was the only bike stand at REI, San Francisco and there weren’t any set up which made me suspicious but I bought it anyway.

Why the hell is it on wheels? That makes it slip around!

When used “correctly”, it holds my full size men’s hybrid bike by pushing on the spokes. I’m sure something will happen and it’ll put my wheel out of true! I don’t like it and I don’t trust it.

The plastic parts have that noxious cheap Chinese plastic smell.

I’m returning it right away.


  1. Michael says:

    You should totally come visit my new shop. We’ll whip up a new bike stand for you in an afternoon!

  2. lee says:

    Michael, I think My next attempt will be a Topeak Lineup stand. I want it to be pretty and small and just work.

  3. Michael says:

    That telescoping arm is pretty cool. It reminds me of the arms on muni’s bike carriers. Quick to engage and pretty bullet proof.

  4. Jesse says:

    Why would you want to have a rolling bike stand? Aren’t you afraid that some junkie will steal it?

  5. friscolex says:

    I’ve long admired the beauty of a nice sturdy ceiling-hung bike hook. Cheap and works every time without marking up the walls…

  6. lee says:

    I’d totally do a ceiling hook but my tiny place doesn’t have a good spot for it where it wouldn’t dominate the room.

  7. lee says:

    Hmm, actually, I think all I need is something like this. That’s the Park Tool Handlebar Holder

    I lean my bike against a wall and then this thing keeps the front wheel from turning so it doesn’t twist and fall over.

    I just built a copy out of a coat hanger and so far it’s working well!

  8. lee says:

    I returned the Delta Rothko Rolling Bike Stand and got a RAKK – Bicycle Storage & Display Stand from Feedback Sports. I’m very happy with it :-) It is very similar to the Topeak Lineup stand.

  9. lee says:

    Now I’ve done it. I got a kickstand! My neighbor Laurie got a rear mount kickstand a while back and I thought it worked pretty well. See it here: . I was originally very hesitant because every other kickstand I’ve ever had was:
    * heavy
    * marked up the ground/floor
    * not held in tightly, it would eventually not do it’s job until tightened again

    Well, I got a standard mid-mounted kick stand at Valencia Cyclery and all those things were true. It sucked. Then I returned it and got the rear mounted kickstand. It adds 14 ounces to the bike but it’s useful enough for me to keep! I’ve had it a few weeks and I’m selling the RAKK — Bicycle Storage & Display Stand from Feedback Sports on Craigslist right now.

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