You didn’t think I did my taxes early because I’m just a good person did you?

Do taxes, so I can fill out my FAFSA, so I can apply for loans and grants for school. Yipe, the spring application deadline for CalGrants is in 3 days, Friday. But I can’t apply until my FAFSA clears… in 3 days. Talk about cutting it close!

TDAmeritrade took their time getting me my tax info. Then I mostly did my taxes. Then I was waiting for some tax help from CCSF. But that was a bust. I knew more about taxes then they did. So I just did my taxes on my own.

I thought that maybe I could put money into my IRA and pull it out when I needed it for school next year; I thought maybe this would be a good way of getting tax free money for school. But it turns out that while I would not be subject to the 10% penalty (because of a school withdrawl), I would still have to pay taxes on the money taken out of my IRA. So it’d be a lot of paperwork for not much gain.

And now I’m down to the wire on this grant/loan cycle.

AND I have big Chemistry and Physics tests tomorrow and an Anatomy test Thursday.

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