I think I aced my first Chem 32 test today. I’m happily surprised.
I definitely aced the first Phyc 10 test tonight. :-)
I’m rather terrified about my Anat 25 test tomorrow. About 100 questions like these:

9. In receptor mediated endocytosis, coated vesicles add cell membrane receptor proteins to the endosome membrane. Pieces of the endosome membrane containing these proteins bud off. Which of the following happens to them ? (a) They are destroyed by lysosomes. (b) They add to the nuclear envelope. (c) They are returned to the plasmalemma. (d)They join the Golgi body. (e) They become peroxisom

27. During muscle contraction, which is the second event to occur in the following list? (a) troponin changes shape (b) calcium binds to troponin TnC (c) tropomyosin moves (d) myosinbinding sites on G-actin molecules are exposed (e) calcium ions released from sarcoplasmic reticulum


  1. friscolex says:

    ALL THE ANSWERS ARE “B”!!!!!!!

  2. lee says:

    Update: I did pretty well on the Anatomy exam… A or B I think. I hope!

    I’ve got the Anatomy Lab Exam in 7 days… gross and microscopic anatomy. But hey, it’s all good: in lab today I successfully identified about 80 features on a skull, pretty rockin’!

  3. lee says:

    The average score on the Chem test was 71, I got a 95! I made 2 dumb errors which would have brought me up to 99. And then I forgot that gold has two cations, 1+ and 3+. Doh!

  4. lee says:

    My Anatomy test put me at 92%, a low A! Good freaking enough! Now I just have to hold onto that for the Lab Practical test this Thursday!

  5. lee says:

    I got an A! I can’t freaking believe that I got a 94% on my first Anatomy Lab Practical! I thought for sure that I scored a low B or C. But I got a freaking A! W00T!

    Oh and just to make me feel good, I’ll tell you that I got a 107% on the Physics test. If I applied myself, I could have done better, but you know what? I got a 107% with about 2 hrs of studying all semester.

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