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I think I aced my first Chem 32 test today. I’m happily surprised.
I definitely aced the first Phyc 10 test tonight. :-)
I’m rather terrified about my Anat 25 test tomorrow. About 100 questions like these:

9. In receptor mediated endocytosis, coated vesicles add cell membrane receptor proteins to the endosome membrane. Pieces of the endosome membrane containing these proteins bud off. Which of the following happens to them ? (a) They are destroyed by lysosomes. (b) They add to the nuclear envelope. (c) They are returned to the plasmalemma. (d)They join the Golgi body. (e) They become peroxisom

27. During muscle contraction, which is the second event to occur in the following list? (a) troponin changes shape (b) calcium binds to troponin TnC (c) tropomyosin moves (d) myosinbinding sites on G-actin molecules are exposed (e) calcium ions released from sarcoplasmic reticulum


You didn’t think I did my taxes early because I’m just a good person did you?

Do taxes, so I can fill out my FAFSA, so I can apply for loans and grants for school. Yipe, the spring application deadline for CalGrants is in 3 days, Friday. But I can’t apply until my FAFSA clears… in 3 days. Talk about cutting it close!

TDAmeritrade took their time getting me my tax info. Then I mostly did my taxes. Then I was waiting for some tax help from CCSF. But that was a bust. I knew more about taxes then they did. So I just did my taxes on my own.

I thought that maybe I could put money into my IRA and pull it out when I needed it for school next year; I thought maybe this would be a good way of getting tax free money for school. But it turns out that while I would not be subject to the 10% penalty (because of a school withdrawl), I would still have to pay taxes on the money taken out of my IRA. So it’d be a lot of paperwork for not much gain.

And now I’m down to the wire on this grant/loan cycle.

AND I have big Chemistry and Physics tests tomorrow and an Anatomy test Thursday.

Taxes Done

I used to prepare my again taxes this year. It wasn’t horrible.

Institute of Urban Homesteading

The Institute of Urban Homesteading in Oakland has a lot of cool courses this summer, including my Real Bread in 10 Minutes class :-)

More info and signups at

Star Wars Uncut!

Wow. They did it. And it’s so curiously awesome. I watched for 2 minutes… and then another 2… and then another…. I could watch this the whole thing

Star Wars Uncut

This is long form Sweded moviedom.


Biking Around

Having a good bike is amazing. Last week, for the first time, I was able to keep up with the uphill 13.5mph green wave on Valencia… with ease!

And today I rode to CPMC Pacific Campus (where I’m doing my hospital volunteering for school and such) in 30 minutes… less time than it would have taken on the BART + shuttle bus. And it was easy.


And here’s a shout-out to the guys at Pedal Revolution who set me up.