The Unexclamed Life is Not Worth Living

3 days of Exclamations: My personal journal from Sunday January 8, to Wednesday January 11.

Sunday January 8th, 2012:
See Delaney! +

8am: Welcome to Foothill College, Los Altos, CA! +
8:01am: I locked my keys in the car! –
8:30am: Ack, classes are starting today?! –
8:45am: Quarters instead of semesters? What does that mean?!
9am: With quarters I can squeeze in Bio prereq, Anat & Phys 1, Anat & Phys 2 by July! + +
10am: Bio 14 class is fun and easy! +
12am: Bio 14 lab is fun and easy! +
3pm: Foothill campus is really pretty! +
4pm: Argh, I need Bio, Anat & Phys 1, 2, and 3, which would stretch into the fall!- – –
5pm: The college police can’t slim-jim my car! –
6pm: I’m #4 on the Chemistry waitlist! +
7pm: The Chemistry teacher is really bad! –
8pm: I won’t get into Chemistry anyway! –
8pm: The AAA guy opens my car in 30 seconds flat! +
9pm: Drinking at Lucky 13 with David M! +
1:15am: Getting harassed by the bartender to leave and drive drunk home! – – –
2:30am: Home! Not driving drunk! Still angry at the Lucky 13 bartender! + + –

3pm: Welcome to the College of San Mateo! +
4pm: Drop in counseling says “You don’t need us, everything is online”! – +
5pm: Looking online, Contra Costa Community College’s no-prereq Anatomy class has 1 seat open and no waitlist! + +
5:01pm: I apply to CCCC!
5:30pm: I am accepted to CCCC! +
6:30pm I’ve figured out their website! +
6:35pm: Their registration computer says they have no open seats in Anatomy and their waitlist is full! – – –
Frustration sets in, I want to get off this crazy roller coaster! – –
8pm: Dinner with Delaney! +
10:30pm I’m home to pack for an 8:30am flight!
midnight: As always, I get pre-flight “stage fright”, packing and procrastinating until 3:30am! –

Cat-nap til 6:30am!
I leave 3 minutes late and miss my train! –
There is another train in 15 minutes! +
Continental is now United?!
The TSA random bomb sniffing lady finds a 3′ whip in my bag and the supervisor calls it a weapon! – –
(I have visions of “We’re taking this plane to Cuba! [crack!]” with my signal whip) + +
They tell me to mail it or check it and send me packing! –
I repack and try to get it through a second time!
It occurs to me I might have, I don’t know, just committed a felony! –
They send me packing again! – (+)
I missed my flight! –
Checking my bag will cost $25 each way, but if I mail it I won’t have it! –
I repack and go through another line entirely… and go right through! + +
Egg and cheese croissants in the airport are $10! – –
A real breakfast is going to cost me $20???? – – –
Boudin Bakery clam chowder in a bread bowl is $7! +
I am the VERY last standby passenger allowed on the plane! +
Nap time! + + +

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